Regulation D

What is Regulation D and how does it affect me?

Regulation D is a federal regulation which places certain limits on the number of transfers or withdrawals members can make from their savings accounts. It affects all savings, money market and certificate accounts.


   Federally Regulated       

Limit 6 per Month

(Any Combination)

Non Regulated

Unlimited Transactions


ACH from Savings

(pre-authorized EFT’s)


Online from Savings


Telephone Transfers from Savings


NSF Transfers from Savings to Checking

ANY ATM transactions


ANY In-Person Transactions


ANY Mail Transactions


ANY Night Drop Transactions

Each member is allowed any combination of 6 of the above transactions. 

After 6 per month, additional transactions will be rejected.
Arrha Credit Union’s ATMs and SUM Network ATMs are free of Transaction Fees to our members.



5 Strategies to help manage Federally Regulated SAVINGS withdrawal/transfer limits:

  1. Do not authorize anyone to make ACH withdrawals from your savings account.Instead set up the withdrawal from your checking account which has unlimited ACH withdrawals.

  2. Set up and Arrha Overdraft LOC as a primary overdraft source.Transfers from the LOC are not regulated. Transfers from a savings to repay a loan are also not regulated.

  3. Balance your checking account regularly. This will help limit the number of NSF transfers from your savings account.

  4. Plan ahead to either stop by or mail in your funds transfer request. These two types of transfers are not limited.

  5. Plan ahead and make one larger transfer instead of several small transfers. Each regulated transfer counts as one transaction, no matter what the size.


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