Fee Schedule

This schedule for all accounts sets forth certain fees and charges applicable to your Credit Union Accounts effective 8/1/2019 and supersedes all previous schedules. This schedule is incorporated as part of your membership agreement with the credit union. You will be notified of changes to these charges.
Changes reflected in bold print

Savings & Checking Accounts
Service   Fee
Official Check $ 4.00
Official Check over 65   1 free per day/ $4.00
each additional
Non-sufficient Funds Item $ 29.00
Courtesy Pay Fee $ 29.00
Third Party Returned Item   max by law
Deposited checks drawn on member and returned unpaid $ 29.00
Stop Payment (each) ACH, Check, Bill pay, Official Check $ 30.00
Online Banking   Free
eStatements   Free
Statement/activity Printout $ 5.00
Bill Pay   Free
VISA Debit Card   Free
ATM Card   Free
Point-of-Sale (POS) Transaction   Free
Visa Debit Card PIN Transaction (non-ATM)   Free
Non-proprietary ATM Fee $ 4.00
ATM Transaction at SUM Network or at Branch Location   Free
PIN Re-issue (per PIN) $ 10.00
Replace Lost ATM/Debit Card $ 25.00
Dormant Account Fee (when escheated) $ 30.00
Inactive Account Fee* $ 5.00
Garnishment, Executions, Levies $ 35.00
Audio Response-24-hr Telebanking   Free
SD Transfer Fee $ 5.00
Copy of Paid Share Draft (Online)   Free
Copy of Paid Share Draft $ 5.00
Direct Deposit   Free
Wire Transfers (Incoming) $ 10.00
Domestic Wire (outgoing) $ 30.00
International Wire (outgoing) $ 45.00
Monthly Print Statement Fee $ 1.50
Safe Deposit Box (annual fee)    
                                                          3x5     $40.00   5x10     $75.00
                                                          3x10     $45.00   10x10     $95.00
                                                          5x5     $55.00    
Safe Deposit Box (lost key) $ 25.00
Safe Deposit Box (drilled)   cost
Safe Deposit Box late payment (per month) $ 5.00
Research Fee (1-hour minimum) $ 30.00/hour
Account Reconciliation (1-hour minimum) $ 25.00/hour
Closed Account (within 6 months of opening) $ 25.00
Club Account (withdrawal before disbursement) $ 10.00 each
Share Balance under $25 (monthly) $ 5.00
Invalid Address Fee/Returned Mail (Monthly) $ 5.00 per stmt
Cash Advance Fee   $5 or 1%
whichever is greater
Arrha Credit Union Credit Card Cash Advance   Free
Official Check (non-member, cash only) $ 5.00 per item
IRA Trustee Transfer $ 25.00
Tax Form Copy $ 7.00 each
Collection Item $ 25.00
Notary   Free for members/
$10.00 for non-member
Photocopies/Fax(per page) $ 1.00
Over The Phone Transfers $ 5.00

*Accounts subject to inactive account fees are share accounts with no activity for at least 6 months. Memberships with an active checking or loan will not be subject to the inactive account fee. A $5 fee will be charged monthly. Funds in inactive accounts are subject to current escheat laws and regulations.