Don’t Let COVID-19 Infect You With Fraud


1. Fake “corona” insurance: Watch for fake health-insurance agents selling low- priced insurance to cover coronavirus “treatment.” Simply hang up on robocalls.

2. Cancelled health insurance: Beware of bogus calls warning you that your health insurance was “cancelled.” Most of these are attempts to steal your personal information.

3. Corona medicines, tests: Scammers are peddling fake vaccines, drugs, “all- natural” or “organic” medicines — all “insured and paid for” by your health policy. But the novel coronavirus is exactly that — new — and there is no known cure yet.

4. Senior scams: Beware of free virus “tests” at senior centers, health fairs or in your home. Talk to your doctor if you need a test or insurer to answer your questions.

5. Bogus travel insurance: Be wary of pitches for travel insurance that claim to cover coronavirus related trip cancellations. Know what your policy does and doesn’t cover.

Source: Coalition Against Insurance Fraud: